Outlook 2010 - Access is denied. Verify the disk is not write protected and that the file is not being used.

This happens when I try to move large emails out to another .pst

Its coughing when it reaches 2 gig (max of old file system for Outlook)

The emails used to be in Outlook 2000 and Im wondering do I have to import the .pst into a new folder as it may be the old Outlook file system.
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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the PST file was created with Outlook 2000, then it will be limited to 2gb.

Create a new PST file using Outlook 2010 and then copy all the items from the old PST to the new PST file.  The 2gb limit will be removed.
fcekAuthor Commented:

Also where is scanpst.exe for MS Outlook 2010.
i did a search of c:  and didnt find it.
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