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Max concurrent connections on IIS7 for busy site

fajizzle asked

I am taking on a high traffic news site which attracts 30,000 unique visitors per day on average. When a new story is posted the site can crash under it's current hosting as the max concurrent connections is approx 200.

I am moving the site to my virtual dedicated server running IIS7 on windows server 8 R2. What is the max concurrent visitors I will be able to handle running the site on a standard plesk single IP set-up?

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It all depends on your code.  If you keep each page request as light as possible then the maximum number of connections increases.  IIS isn't the limiting factor.  I've seen a single server years ago running IIS 6 handle thousands of concurrent connections with simple web pages.


Ah I see, I assumed that because there was a setting for max concurrent connections that there was a limit. Thanks for your help on this