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Windows XP Printers registry key missing

Sid_F asked
I am having an issue with Windows XP and Citrix printing. I have narrowed the problem down to Citrix trying to read the key for the default printer which is hkey_current_user printers connections Although there are a number of local printers on the local machine the key is empty. There is no restore point and when I delete a printer and re-add it the key still does not get recreated. How can I get around this
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You can either set it up again (ie set another printer to be detfault and then set it back). or you could copy it off a machine that works by exporting that key and reimporting it with regedt32

NikSystems Specialist
Try to create another user profile and see if that help, just to make sure that corrupted profile isn't a culprit.
Can you add printers with administrative privileges?


ok it seems once the printers are listed in hkey current user microsoft windows nt current version windows and device that it still works. I should of explained better I was having citrix printer issues and thought the issue related to the missing keys but it did not and as it turns out a reboot of the citrix server resolved the issue