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Fax Device not showing in SBS 2011

lloving asked
I have a new SBS 2011 STD Server installed. I attached a new USR v.Everything to COM1. It shows up in the SBS Console as a Fax Device but no clients (Win 7 Nor XP Pro) can connect to the Fax Device. It does not appear in the Directory. Unlike a standard printer shared on the server it has no properties that allow for sharing and listing in the Driectory. How do I get my Win 7 and hopefully my XP clients to connect to the SBS 2011 Fax service?
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See the link below, the issue is the 32 bit drivers



Sorry I have tried this solution on XP clients. I think it would work but none of the clients (Win 7 or XP) can see the shared fax from the server. Attempting to connect as "\\myserver\SharedFax" does not work. All users on the LAN are unable to "see" the server's fax device.
This issues has two parts. Part one is that there is a problem with SBS 2011 and the Fax service. There is a hot fix available from Microsoft at:

Part two is related to issues with XP Pro and the fax service DLLs. See post from dpreston68 in this thread.

Both steps must be performed to solve this issue.


The HOTFIX from Microsoft is the first step. That solves the issue with Win 7 clients. Only after the HOTFIX is applied does the issue with incompatible 32 bit drives apply.