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Price of an advertisement

theGhost_k8 asked
How to calculate price of promoting websites:
1. 125x125 Banner on main page.
2. A link in an article.
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It varies IN A BIG WAY.

Think of it like this.  How much would you pay for a 2 inch x 2 inch advert in the local paper of a small town, somewhere about 100 readers and your advert stuck about 10 pages in.
...and... how much would you pay for the same 2 x 2 advert stuck on the front page of an International newspaper with millions of readers.

The way most advertising is done now is on click-throughs or buy-throughs.  You set an amount to pay for each click - or if you are holding the advert sometimes they only pay for each purchase.
The amount you pay varies.  
You normally set a price and a daily total.

So for example you could ask for the image on their site and you will pay 10c for each click or $1 for each purchase.

Go to Google adsense and read what they do as they no carry about 75% of online adverts (according to some guesses).
theGhost_k8Database Consultant


Do we have a fixed lump-sum amount on monthly basis?
What basic parameters can we consider to choose a website and it's charge?
Yes... Some people will allow that - but too be honest it is not the best form of paying.  if you pay this way you can get a million page views or just 10 and you pay the same ammount.  It also doesn't take into account how many people click through.
This is normally seen as better as you oly pay if people click on your advert.

If you are looking to advertise with just one (or just a few web sites) then you will want ones that would have your target audience on them.  If you are selling a product or service then think - what web sites would people like that visit.
If you are selling fish tanks you would get more visitors if you advertise on a site about keeping fish and not one about hair cuts.
The last thing is how many visitors do they get.  Ask to see their stats.
Be careful you know what the stats are telling you.  If a web page has the text on it and 9 pictures this is sometimes counted as 10 hits.  Work out what the stats are telling you and what the web site contains and then pick a price that will keep you and the web site happy and you can do good business.
theGhost_k8Database Consultant


Can you post some resources to get more and accurate information?