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afrpa asked
COMPLETE FRONT END REPLACED ON 1993 HONDA ACCORD TO INCLUDE UPPER/LOWER CONTROLS ARMS AND BUSHINGS, TIE ROD ENDS, RACK AND PINION. AFTER MECHANIC REPLACED ALL OF THIS, I NOW HAVE A 2INCH PLAY IN MY STEERING. i need to get it aligned but before i do that i need to correct this slack. WHAT COULD IT BE? again, did not have play before all this was replaced.
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Go back to.... and claim it on the "COMPLETE FRONT END REPLACED" service garage A.S.A.P.

Hpe ths hlps.
Take care and do not drive the car in that..."2INCH PLAY IN MY STEERING"  condition as it is dangerous,
Go back to (telephone call? or get it towed to).... and claim it on the service garages mechanic A.S.A.P.


front end is very tight and huge difference than before. With the car off and in park i can turn the wheel about 2 inches but once it "catches" the resistance its solid all the way through the turn. could it be the steering ujoint is weak and now that the rest of the steering/front end is new that it is only now that this is noticable? is there any way to tighten this play on the steering box? I was able to do this on my F150 but not sure if honda is set up the same way?
As I sugested.... take the car back to the mechanic....but do not drive it in its present "dangerous" state.


i have been told you can adjust the rack and pinion to take up this slack. Is this true?


i understand it needs to go back to mechanic and i plan to do so but i still want to know how to fix.
It can be a numer of mistakes by the mechanic or something else has broken / worn-out / come-loose.

If you want to find it yourself,
then have someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you are under the car...2INCH PLAY IN MY STEERING....should not be difficult to trace whats moving and whats not during that amount of slack.

Also check from the steering wheel to where it exits the floor for slack.

Hpe ths hlps.
Quote from you link:

"This is an extremely easy adjustment to make if you have the proper tool. But almost no one is even aware of the necessity of this"

I repeat your free service or fix will/should be  offered by:
Taking the car back to the mechanic....but "do not" drive the car it in its present "dangerous" state.

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Hpe ths closes your question.    
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