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application to being at start up (Windows 7 PC)

gerrymac1943 asked

I require an application to run at start up i.e. after the computer boots and before a user logs on.

Can an expert describe how this is done using tasks scheduler for Windows 7? Are there any options that I need to specify or configure within the task / application?

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Please use the following site for reference on how to use scheduled tasks.


Please take careful note of figure 4-11 as all you need to start a task when the computer starts is select the option : "When my Computer Starts"
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Any reason you don't want it to just start via the normal "shortcut in the startup folder"?

"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"

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Before a user logs on... Never mind......     :)
NikSystems Specialist

Create a basic task, once you provided all of the required info and have set up application to start, open the properties of the task and check the 'Run whether user is logged on or not' radio box.

Although the best way would be to use the Local security policy:

Win ORB | type gpedit.msc | Enter
Navigate to:

Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Scripts (Startup)
Here you can add the script that will be run when the computer starts, prior to user login.

If you need additional help on how to set it up, please let me know.

NikSystems Specialist

Here's the location in local group policy editor.


You could also install your application as a service (see http://www.pirmasoft.com/runassvc.php, then set the startup type to automatic.



nimatejic -- i followed your steps, rebooted and got an error message. see attached.

moonie42 -- thanks but i don't think this software is compatible with Windows 7.

That message usually indicates that the application is running under a different user profile. I would suggest opening task manger and determining what user profile that application is launching under.

After you have determined what user profile you can prevent the application from loading.. Then you should be good.
If you created that local security policy without disabling the scheduled object from my post then that could very easily be your problem. Eliminate the scheduled task that you created then try and reboot. If you are still getting the message then let me know.



two things:

1. still getting the same error. I am launching under a user with admin rights. Should i create another profile?

2.  Please note i have only added a reference to the exe file of the application within the group policy editor. There is no task object within the scheduler.


usually when you receive that error it is due to the application running on another profile.

When you open task manager please check the box "show processes from all users"..

If you are still getting that same error I would say to uninstall the application and reinstall it. This would force the application and any startup group items associated with it to reset.
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Good Morning to all :)

Ok, once you receive this error, you're probably logged on with the 'right' user. Try to use User Configuration for the startup then.

gpedit.msc | User Configuration | Scripts | Logon

but this way application will start when the user logs on and it will start for all users.

Also, if you have installed this application for all users I'm guessing that this application has limitations to work with only one active user and won't work in a multi-user environment.