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Static IP probelm

We have a site which has a camera system deployed.

We have to access broadband using an o2 dongle/router.
However i need a static ip adress here?

Does anyone know a way in which i can gain a static ip adress that may polls my site for ip changes?
We need to view site remotely?

im a making sense?

Hope someone can help,
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer
Get a dynamic dns account with dyndns, no-ip etc... run their dns updating client on the machine that has the wifi dongle plugged in to it. the router may even support dyndns in its config.


will this give me a static ip address on machine,
so if had web site on big screen, i could have this constantly set to this ip?


could i setup posts on this?

Sr. Systems Engineer
you can't get a static ip but you can find it by name ... ie myinternetcameras.no-ip.info
so if it changes the ip, the updater clients changes the dns record so when you go to myinternetcameras.no-ip.info, it goes to the right place.


Maybe we are misunderstanding what you are trying to do..

Stage 1:

Assign a static IP address on your local network.
1. Check your subnet for an available IP address or create an exclusion in your DHCP table on your server for a specific address.
2. Assign that address to your Camera computer.

Stage 2: Dynamic DNS:
1. Create a DynamicDNS account.
2. Download the Dynamic DNS polling agent

Stage 3: Setup polling agent
1. Install Dynamic DNS client on camera Server
2. Configure Dynamic DNS host address in the agent.

This should give you the functionality you are looking for as gcoltharp: stated above.