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Configure right access on Cisco 2960

croustimiel asked

I have 80 Cisco 2960 switches configured with an administrative user.
I have a employee which must configure on each switch some port on a specific vlan :

# switchport access vlanxxxx

The problem is that I don't want to give the administrative user password to do this.
Can I create a user which can just do this kind of command and no other configuration ??
How can I find a solution for this, have you an idea ..... Can I limit the command line he can use ?

Thanks in advance.
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The good news is that I am pretty sure you can do this using the Cisco privilege levels.  You'd create him a new account assigned to a different privilege level and then define the commands that can be run by that privilege level.

The bad news is I cannot recall how to do this nor how granular you can be with the commands...  


Thanks, if somebody has a more detailed answer as the level privilege to give and the configuration method

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Thanks, very helpful link and documentations