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Edge server


what is the procedure for configuring a third party edge server with exchange server 2007.  please provide a good documention.


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I don't know how to set up an Exchange Edge Server, but it sounds like you are talking about setting up an Email Gateway service - which works with any mail server, not just Exchange.

Sign up for a gateway service, such as this:

1) Configure your domain name's MX records to send mail to Dyn's gateway instead of directly to your exchange server. For Dyn's gateway, you set your MX records to "mx1.mailhop.org" and "mx2.mailhop.org".

2) Configure the Dyn Email Gateway service to forward emails to your Exchange server by specifying your exchange server's hostname (e.g. mail.yourcompany.com).

3) Set up a Receive Connector in Exchange 2007 which will listen for incoming mail *only* from the Dyn Email gateway IP address block


Make sure you configure the receive connector to accept email from Anonymous users - Dyn is not going to authenticate with your mailserver when it connects.

4) Test that incoming email arrives on your exchange server.

Incoming Email ===>  (yourcompany.com)                    ==> Exchange Server
                                    MX:  mail.yourcompany.com                 (@ mail.yourcompany.com)

With a Dyn email gateway:

Incoming Email ===> (yourcompany.com)      ==> Dyn Email Gateway     ==>   Exchange server
                                    MX: mx1.mailhop.org             (@ mx1.mailhop.org)      (@ mail.yourcompany.com)
                                                                                       - Applies spam filter
                                                                                       - Applies virus filter
                                                                                       - Applies blacklist check
                                                                                       - Applies name filter


Yes. I mean a router like Cisco Boarderware to use as Email gateway with exchange server 2007.  could you please provide information how to configure this router with exchange sever?

You just need to configure port forwarding rules for ip traffic in ports 25 for smtp (actual email) and 443 for secure http (for access to outlook web app and active sync)

How to configure your router will be detailed in the manual supplied with it.