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Lotus Notes Code Change

coronoahcoro asked
I am just looking for ideas on how to document code changes in when developing application in Lotus Notes, if this is can be done inside Notes Designer or third-party program needs to be installed.
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Groupware Consultant
The R8.5.3 Domino Designer supports source code management (they say, I have yet to try this): http://planetlotus.org/profiles/getthemostfromnotes_79928

But... it is too new maybe, I couldn't find a lot of info about it on the Web, and apparently it is not fully functional. Also, R8.5.3 doesn't need the plug-in mentioned, but how it really works I don't know.

If you have worked it out, can you please blog about it?
Teamstuidio (http://teamstudio.com) has a product for this (Build Manager) along with some other nice and quite useful products for Domino/Notes development
ahem: Build Manager is for managing builds.  TeamStudio Ciao is for keeping track of changes.  I was lucky that they used it at my first employer which used Domino.  Sadly, subsequent employers are too stupid too provide proper tools. <DEEP SIGH>
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Stupid? Maybe? Stingy? Maybe too, for those tools cost a bundle...
The tools are worth every penny.  Stupid because most of them were shown accurate calculations of time and money saved and still no investment.  Adds a reason to look around for other work.