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Virtualize Exchange 2003

DBaldarelli asked
We have two physical Exchange servers that are getting pretty old. We also have a virtual infrastructure that has plenty of space, CPU, and memory available.
We don't have the money to upgrade to Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010. Is there much of a problem virtualizing Exchange 2003. I can create seperate drives for the trans. logs and databases. We ran Perfmon on the Exchange servers and found that they really aren't working that hard at all. Are there any specifics I would need to worry about.
Thanks for your help,
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Well you can do it but just be aware that you will have no support from Microsoft if you need it in the future. Unfortunately exchange 2003 isnt supported on a virtualised platform.

Sayin that, as long as you know this then it's ok to do. It does depend how large your environment is and your usage profiles.


I understand about the support. Definitely something to consider. Thanks for the quick response.