Sonicwall 2040 Error: Index of the interface.: Subnet on this interface overlaps with another interface

I get attached error when configuring my sonicwall.  I have simply added a wifi device to the sonicwall 2040.

Advice, please on how to resolve. Thank-you
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Each interface on your SonicWall must be a different network, unless it is a PortShield interface (which makes it act like a switch to whatever Zone you specify). If you want to make X2 or whichever interface you are trying to connect to your wifi device on the same Subnet as your LAN, set that interface as PortShield to LAN.
rwallacejAuthor Commented:
perhaps you can ellaborate...
"set that interface as PortShield to LAN" on how to do this using sonic OS, I have little knowledge of networking
all I want to do is use the WiFi as internet connection
thanks again
Take a look at this, it should help for the older generation models:

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rwallacejAuthor Commented:
will look tomorrow , I the 2040 (its relatively new )
A 2040 would be a Pro series ... last gen. Maybe it is a NSA 2400?
rwallacejAuthor Commented:
typo, yes it is the NSA 2400
rwallacejAuthor Commented:
this helped along with the mysonicwall forum
rwallacejAuthor Commented:
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