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Apple Mail - Recover Mail from Deleted Account

harris9999 asked
On MAC the email account had problems conntecting do the account was deleted and added again using the Mail - Preferences Accounts Option.

All the emails have gone which were in the inbox.
Can these be got back/recovered?
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It sounds as the mail account was deleted on the mac, not the server.

If the mail server is an IMAP server the only thing to do is to set up the account on the Mac. It will then reconnect to the account and all the mail will be recovered.

The same goes for POP. Set up the account again on the mac and it will reconnect. It depends on other settings how much of the old mail will be recovered.


It was Pop3.
Only has last 20 days.
Seems to be deleted from computer, looked in the Library/Mail folder but there is nothing other than the re created account there.
Yes, that's the main disadvantage of POP. The server only keeps what one tells it to keep.

When the account was deleted was the account in ~/Library/Mail deleted too? If it was deleted manually there is not much to do about this. If it was not deleted the new account should have picked it up and reconnected, not overwritten.

No backup of any sort, TimeMachine?


yes it was deleted manually then just set up straight away again.

Not sure about backup.  have asked them to check.  
If you find a backup put the old content of the ~/Library/Mail/account in to (move the new one to the Desktop in the meantime incase it's the only thing to have). It should reconnect and use the old stuff.

I hope this is not valuable email but it's always bad to loose anything one was not going to dump. But sometimes it's just a beginning of new great period. Just like the bird Phoenix.
Mail.app stores mails in .mbox folders as separate .eml files. Try scanning the ~/Library/Mail folder with a file recovery tool like Data Rescue (http://data-rescue.en.softonic.com/mac), if the demo finds the a significant number of .eml files, you might want to consider buying it to recover your data.