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IIS 7 and Output Caching Rules

This web server has been running for about a year and have finally gotten around to optimization.  I setup 8 user-mode caching rules for various extensions.  However the settings keep vanishing after a  a bit of time.

I set up the original rules 3 days ago and those ran fine all weekend until I came in and needed to add a new one and saw my list down to 0.  I went ahead and added the rules back in, went to configure another website and went back to the first one and all but 1 were missing now.

I stopped the web server added all the rules back, started web services up again and logged out.  Went to http://www.webpagetest.org/ to make sure my rules were still there and they were.  Ran it 15 minutes later and all is well.  Ran it 15 minutes after that and all the rules were gone.

This seems like a really odd problem.  There isn't a "save" function that I'm aware of and one of my other websites has 1 rule and that one is still in place.  Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have no idea where to start.
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Are you overwriting the web.config where you have saved you changes?
Myabe via a Publishing jobs, etc?
We discovered that a tool we use, ISAPI Rewrite, (it is used to provide keyword rich URL's) was somehow erasing the settings.  We were able to fix the issue once we identified the culprit.,
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