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iphone ipad setup on exchange - server name question

AJNS asked
One of my clients has Exchange 2003 and internally it is referred to as mailserver.myinternaldomainname.local On the internet of course it is called mail.ourdomain.com

Outside the firewall our iphones work just fine using mail.ourdomain.com but when they connect to the corporate wireless they can not resolve mail.ourdomain.com and need to access the server using the internal name.

New versions of Exchange handle this with autodiscover but Exchange 2003 does not do this. I can work around it by having two exchange accounts setup on their iphones but that is not ideal.

Is there an easy way to make this work both internally and externally? Is it as simple as putting an entry into the internal dns for mail.outdomain.com and point it to the exchange server or will that cause other dns issues?

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You could do the split DNS, it's more work for you as you need to manage your external namespace from two locations. This is not that uncommon and it should not cause any issues. Basically create a new DNS zone internally for Ourdomain.com and populate it , mail. points to the internal IP of your exchange 2003.

Yep agree totally, you can sort this by creating an internal Dns zone for your external name space the in the zone create an A record for mail which resolves to you exchange 2003 server or front end server.
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worked perfectly