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PC to MAC Remote & Access

1. What free/shareware software can I use to remote to a MAC Mini server(OS 10.6.8) from a Windows 7 PC?  

2.  How to configure the MAC Miniu server to allow constant access from a Windows 7 PC to allow backups from Windows version of ARCServe?
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Mac OS X includes a VNC server (called screen sharing on the Mac side of things) that you can enable and then use a VNC client on the Windows machine. You can also use other software to do close to the same thing. Right now, my favorite is TeamViewer. It's free for personal use.

Hope this helps.
Here is a step by step guide on how to configure Screen Sharing on your MAC

Access with Screen Sharing

1. Turn on your Mac
2. Click on the System Preferences icon
3. Now click on Sharing
4. Set a check mark at the Screen Sharing option
4. Click on Computer Settings...
5. Check mark both Anyone may request permission to control screen and VNC viewers may control screen with password
6. Set a VNC password (this will be used to get access from your windows computer)
7. Press OK

You can now open a VNC client on your PC and remote access your mac.

The guide above only explains how to access your Mac's screen remotely. This won't give you access to the files of the Mac.
If you want to access your Mac's  file for backup purposes, you need to enable file sharing.

Configure File Sharing

1. Turn on your Mac
2. Click on the System Preferences icon
3. Now click on Sharing
4. Set a check mark at the File Sharing option
5. Click on Options...
5. Set a check mark at the Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)option
6. Now select the user you want to be able to access the files of your Mac
7. Click Done
8. Under Shared Folders: you can set the folders you want to be accessible from your Windows Machine. (Set this to Macintosh HD,  if you want everything to be accessible)

Your Windows PC can now access the Mac's files remotely.  

Let me know if you need any help

Team Viewer. It's quick and easy. Free for non commercial. Allows client computer to be secured automatically after each session.
Use Teamviewer or Logmein.

Both are free.  Both work great.  I prefer using Teamviewer over Logmein because Teamviewer is accessed from an application.

Logmein is accessed through your web browser, so that might be a better solution if you use "other" peoples computers and don't want to install the software.