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SQL 2008 R2 Express Instance Connection Issue

Hello all.

I have a Windows SBS 2011 server on which I have installed SQL 2008 R2 Express and have an instance installed called testme.  I have installed a program on said server and have a database setup on that instance.  From the server, the program runs flawlessly.  

However, none of the 4 workstations in the domain can connect to the SQL instance.  The workstations are running XP pro, the workstations firewalls are off.  The server firewall is off.  When I try to connect using ODBC from the workstations to the instance SBSSERVER\testme, windows gives me an error saying the the server name is invalid or the username and password is incorrect.

In the SQL manager I have made sure that TCP/IP is Enabled in the Network connection area.  and I can connect to the DB from the server no problem with Windows Auth and the SA account.  neither accounts work from the workstations.


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Hello.  No resolution yet, but I have a work around via RDP to the server for the client to use the software.