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I.T. career advise

I wanted to ask for some career advise...

I'm presently a person who "takes care" of SOHO networks and I'm looking into a more "professional level" service profession.  I've recently took the VCP class and I'm planning on taking the exam in the near future.  While I do have Cisco experience, roughly 3-4 years, on a more NOC environment, I see myself doing more Cisco/Vmware work.  Also, with "cloud" technologies, I would like to move somewhere within this arena since I see the future for this sector, but I don't know where I can make a "fit" for this.  

I should also point out that I hold a B.A. degree in the Radio/Television/Film realm as well.

Your ideas?
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Full disclosure: I'm a hiring manager.

"advice" not "advise" fyi.  Not a big deal but I never hire guys who make spelling errors.

Certifications are important.  "Taking the class" for a certification doesn't mean anything to me.  VCP is a good entry level cert.  Cisco certs are good certs.

Cloud technology is more about experience than classwork.


What would be a good start as far as job classifications?  Also, is there a forum where I can get additional details?
What do you mean by "job classifications"?

Additional details on?


What I mean is what would be a typical job, as an entry point, into cloud computing.  I would not consider myself an expert in either the Vmware/Cisco world, but do consider myself more on a support role within a medium size company.  

Also, besides EE, is there another website that I can do research on this subject?

I have spent a fortune on career search and it took time and experience to come up with one. Lucky i found my path 2 years ago. With the experience i have, i would suggest you to research and research thoroughly untill you know the questions. Questions, when specific will get the relevant answer. Good luck. Never is too late!.. English is not merely a language beyond a level. Overlooking it will cost you great deal!
I have not seen job titles focusing around supporting cloud environments.  I think the market is still burgeoning and I don't think the job market has shaken out yet.

Given that, many medium companies are looking to the cloud to eliminate support roles not hire a 'cloud' support person.  If I move Exchange in house to a SaaS solution (which I have), I no longer need an Exchange person.  I don't need a cloud person either.
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One of the Questions asked recently of VMware vEXPERTS for the VMware vEXPERT Spotlight on the VMTN blog was

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Currently, 50 vEXPERTS have been published, if you read them ALL, I'm sure you will get a good idea.

Start with me!

I'm currently mentoring 2 VCPs, so please ask questions.

What I would say is Experience, Practice, ALL the VMware Technology is available as 60 day trials, test it, break it, fix it, experience it yourself on your own home lab.


Thanks for the advice,

This would be where I'm trying to go with this...seems like everything I've read recently, seems to be moving away from having an person/s perform such roles and I'm trying to look for more occupations that will need technical people.  I don't want to be in a job that five years from now, is going to be obsolete.
Everything is obsolete in IT in 5 years.  Don't kid yourself.
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Check the VMTN Blog, and what the vEXPERTS have to say! If you aspire to being a VMware/MIcrosoft Cloud based Engineer/Consultant.