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load .ipa in a website?

Angha110 asked
Could we load an application (extension .ipa) within a webpage in ipad?

I am thinking to have a detector in my website, so if it is launch in an ipad, it loads the ipad application within the web page instead of the flash widget.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

No, because that would completely bypass the security model for apps.  No iOS device would allow it, even jailbroken ones.


So what are my options to replace the flash widget in my website?
HTML5 only?

Don't talk to me.
Pretty much, yes.  I do hit a couple of websites that detect the iOS browser and redirect me to a page that links to the App Store and prompts me to download the App for the site but you are not ever going to be able to launch an app straight from the browser for iOS.

It is possible with an enterprise app to download the app straight from the website (without going through the app store).