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Redirect Folder to My Document

Some of our users on our network are experiencing redirect folder to My document. The policy is set so that redirect folder will redirect files/folder saved to My Document to a network share. However, when we right-clicked on the My Document and it showed that files/folder save to My Document are saved locally. Also, when we logged into the computer using the users name and do a RSOP, the local policy doesn't show that redirect folder is set. We also did a gpresult and the result showed that the policy with redirect folder is applied onto the user setting. We also checked the permission to the share and it seem that we were able to map to the share and create files/folder so permission to the share was not an issue.

What elso we have to look for to resolove this folder redirect issue.
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Have you just created the folder redirection, or has it been working before?

Since you can see that the policy is applied, you could assume the GPO processing is ok. In most cases you can track the issues back to the NTFS permissions.

Please verify that both share and NTFS permissions are correct.

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Its my understanding that the My Documents Redirect or Home Folder Location...
Works just like a roaming profile

The information is stored locally and a copy is saved in the Home Folder Location as well.

Reason being, should the user loose network connectivity or use a laptop the network location is not always going to be available

Next time they have access to the network, loggin on and Off the files will be copied.

If you have the user save any Word Document into the location while logged onto the network.
Have them log off

Then check the network location of the Home Folder
Is the file there?

If its not, may need to check the permissions on the location of the folder on the network

erobbySenior Systems Engineer
What do your users have in common?  Or is it just random?

Are they in an OU that might have a conflicting policy?

Do the users have permission to write to the folder?

Has it worked before?


I don't think it is has to do with folder permission or share permission since I have double check that many times. Plus, I have manually mapped to the share when I was logged into the PC under the user profile and I was able to create files inside the share.

Whe I do a RSOP under user acccount who is NOT having problem with folder redirection, under Windows setting---Folder Redirection, my document IS there.  Inside the my document setting, it showed the redirected path, group, GPO, Setting, exclusive and policy removal.

When I do a RSOP under user account who is having problem with folder redirection, under Windows setting--Folder Redirection, My document is NOT there. However, other settings from the same policy were there.

Why isn't the redirect folder policy there for this particular user?

erobbySenior Systems Engineer
You are filtering or blocking policies on any OU's and you are sure you don't have any conflicting policies for the users that don't get the redirect?

Are they just scattered random users in different OU's with no Group Membership in Common?


We do have filtering policies and blocking policies. Though if the policies are already blocked, then why is it matter?

I checked the applied policy but I don't see any conflicting

These users are in scattered OU with no group membership in Common