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Write a system service

I have never written a system service, and dont see the option to do it.  I am using Visual studios 2010 Express.  I also have Visual Studios 2005 Standard Edition.  When I go to create a new project, I don't see the option for a windows service.  Am I missing something?  I need to do this in Visual Basic with .net 2.0.  Thanks, Chad
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in the express edition Windows Service templates are not available you have to use VS 2005.


It looks like it's not available on Express Edtion, but I thougth it was on the Standard Edition.  I see dont see the option for a windows service with the Standard Edition.
Yes as i say, In experss edition is not available.

You have to do it in VS 2005 standard.

and the template must be in there as the las tuto i post.

If not please let me know because perhaps you have a wrong instalation.

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Thanks!  Also it look like Visual Studios Standard does not have it, but pro does.  Thanks for the workaround.