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Assign PXE client to a specific VLAN

I need to power on some computers that don't have OS yet [PXE clients], and want some of them to get IP address 192.168.1.x and some 192.168.2.x and some 192.168.3.x, etc... a bunch of PCs in different vlans.

How would I achieve that? assuming the DHCP option 60 has been already  configured .

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You need to configure VLANs and on your switch(es) you need to define IPHelper/DHCP Relay Agent to redirect DHCP broadcast traffic to DHCP server.



So PXE option can be configured per DHCP Scope.
I mean for a certain scope [192.168.1.x] we can apply the PXE options and computers connected to that Vlan will get the IP address through PXE boot.
and other scopes if the don't have PXE options, the computers connected to the respective vlans will get IP address in a regular way [not through PXE]
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory Engineer
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Yes, you can:) You need to be only sure that you are connecting PXE host into PXE VLAN and it will get IP from PXE scope

I used this configuration in the past to install new computers

If your PXE service runs on the same machine as your DHCP server and this machine is not in the "PXE VLAN", you may need to define some IP Helper/DHCP Relay also for UDP port 4011.

Regarding the configuration of DHCP options with PXE clients (options 66, 67 and 60), maybe you can read my article:
and if it helped you, click on the appropriate button


What I need to understand if the DHCP options 66 and 67 can be configured per DHCP scope. I mean some subnets will boot in PXE mode and some will boot in normal mode ?

for instance, let s say I already have some computers connected to Vlan 20 and they already have OS installed(XP). Vlan 20 maps to 192.168.20.x
I want when these computers boot, they boot in PXE mode and grab the new image of Windows 7.

The othe case scenario is pretty much similar to one I mentioned above.
Let s say I have computers connected to Vlan 30 and they do not have OS installed [bare metal]. Vlan 30 maps to 192.168.30.x
When these computers boot, they boot in PXE mode nad grab the Windows 7 image.

By the way is there anything to set up in computer BIOS so that it boots in PXE mode ??
You can configure ANY dhcp option per scope.

However, if you do have a real PXE service (such as Microsoft WDS server), options 66 and 67 are handled by that service, so you should not add options 66 or 67 to DHCP if you want to use a PXE service.

Check this article:

It is a troubleshooting guide but it contains valid details


<<You can configure ANY dhcp option per scope.>>

So the other Scopes that don't have DHCP options set up (for PXE), will not have the computers that are  in different Vlans than the scope boot from the Network(PXE boot). Correct ?