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RAID Controller Driver wanted after restoring image

After taking an image of a Windows Server 2008 Server and restoring it to a different computer with identical hardware, I get a message that a RAID Controller Driver needs to be installed.  Both servers have the same list of devices under storage controllers, but the new server also has "RAID controller" with an exclaimation mark listed under "other devices" in the device manager.  Why would this happen?  Should I uninstall the "RAID Controller" listed under "other devices"?
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It looks like your missing the device driver for this RAID controller.

Did the old server used any kind of RAID setting?  Maybe the disk setup in the BIOS specified RAID and not AHCI?
Identical hardware could be different if the BIOS settings are different or the firmware version are different. If you don't use RAID on the server, you can leave the message as is.

noxchoIT Product Manager
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If it claims about RAID controller driver then your controllers are not identical or BIOS settings are different.
Uninstall the driver and see what you get.
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It obviously doesn't need the driver or it wouldn't have booted.
Seen this with Livestate from Symantec.
It's a red herring and to be ignored.


Years ago we upgraded from an on-board SATA RAID to a SCSI RAID on both the target computer and the source computer.  The SATA RAID was diabled in the BIOS of the source computer but enabled in the BIOS of the target computer.  I disabled it on the target computer.  Problem solved.  Thank you.