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How to allow users who are not administrators to install MSI packages

enclara asked

I have an MSI package that i published via Active Directory a good amount of  the machine didn't install properly. When i try to install the package manually on a test machine it tells me it needs local admin rights.

All of the users on the floor don't have admin rights to their machine. What is the most simple alternative way that i can push the MSI package to client machines?

I also would like to make it a silent install if possible..

All machines are part of a specific AD OU.

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When you publish the package in group policy, it is installed with local admin rights, so the problem must be elsewhere. You say "it didn't install properly" - please explain what that means specifically. Also most likely it will help if you post here detailed log - see MSKB 223300 for details how to produce it. Also, how exactly did you publish the package - under user or machine configuration? if under user - published or assigned? "install during logon" or not?