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Coloured squares on display

vlogg5 asked
I have a client who's experiencing small coloured squares (rectangles) on her screen.
The machine starts and runs fine. The squares are intermitent on games (not video demanding - things like solataire, etc). There are no error messages and the only time they always show up is when a video (stored on the HDD and made with one of her cameras is played - ie a little more demand from the video card). She is running W7 with lots of ram and the video card is a GForce 7300. I have checked and all the external cables are secure.
I don't want to order and install another video card if there is another possible explanation.
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Most Valuable Expert 2013
I think you're suspicions are correct and if you have a spare graphics card I would be very surprised if they don't see an improvement that convinces them to buy a new card. The 7300's were not the best of cards even when new.
Top Expert 2012
You could try a different version of the video driver, in case that one has bugs.  Drivers can be updated quite often.


Thanks people.