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How do I use MailMerge to complete Dummy?

Given The file "Dummy for EE" and the Sample data in" Sample for EE," How do I use Mail Merge to complete the merge?
My addtress list contains about eighty anames and addresses. Actually the names and addresses are in a Microsoft Access data base. Dummy-for-EE.docx Sample-for-EE.xlsx
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See the revised attached files. The key is to include the «Next Record» code at the start of the additional address blocks on the page to have Word's merge insert the next record's data on the next label on the page. Use "Preview Results" to toggle the view between the mail merge codes and the results.
Sorry; pressed Enter before adding the updated Excel file that goes with the Word file. Data-Sample-for-EE.xlsx

I added a dozen dummy entries so the merge would have enough data to show you how it works.
Stacy BrownSenior Applications Administrator

In order for this to work properly, you need to have the labels setup.  Avery 5164 labels look like they are the right size for your content.  I've recreated your labels for Avery 5164.

I assume you are working with Word 2010 in these instructions.  Here is what I did.

Open Word
Open the Dummy for EE.docx
Click where you want the first address to appear
Select the Mailings Tab
Select Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard
A pane will open on the Right side of the screen
Select Labels
Click Next: Starting Document at the bottom
Choose Current Document
Select Next:  Select recipients
Select Use an existing list
Select Browse
Navigate to your Sample for EE.xlsx
Choose the Sheet that contains the data
Check or uncheck the box for First row of data contains column headers
Click OK
Check the names you wish to use in your mail merge and click OK
Select Next: Arrange your labels
Set up your label with your Logo, lines, fonts and such
Click where you want the address to appear
Choose More Items from the pane
Select First Name
Select Insert
Select Close
Type a Space
Choose More Items from the pane
Select Last Name
Select Insert
Select Close
Choose More Items from the pane
Select Street Address
Select Insert
Select Close
Choose More Items from the pane
Select City
Select Insert
Select Close
Type a Colon and a Space
Choose More Items from the pane
Select State
Select Insert
Select Close
Type Two Spaces
Choose More Items from the pane
Select First Name
Select Insert
Select Close
Correct any formatting on that one label.  It should look something like this:

 Screenshot of label fields
Once you are happy with the first label, Select the Update all labels button
Click Next: Preview your labels
You should see what your data looks like in your labels, hit Previous to go back and make any changes, if necessary
When satisfied, select Next Complete the merge
Select Edit individual labels to complete the merge to a new document
Select All from the Merge records dialog and click OK
A new document is created with your merged data called Labels1

See the attached files.  Labels1 is the completed merge document.  If you open the Merge-Field_Document.docx, you will see how I took your original document's formatting and applied the mail merge fields for you.

I hope this is useful.  



I've used MailMerge many times in the past, but this case seemed too complicated for me. Thank you for your excellent help.

By the way, I increased the points to 500.

Thank you very much.


PS: I should have told you I was using Avery 8164.
Thanks. I wasn't sure if you were using a specific label, but be aware that you can set up for any format by putting the mail merge fields into a table. You can set the table row & column dimensions to fit whatever you need.

As well (and for the extra points!), rather than include multiple versions of your logo on the sheet, consider using field codes: select the one version (usually in your upper left cell) and bookmark it with a suitable name. Then, in each of the other cells, insert a REF field that refers to the bookmark name. This way, your document will only have one image with multiple references to it: the file will be smaller, and if you change the master, the other instances will reflect the changes (use Alt-F9 to toggle the view; select all (Ctrl-A) and update (F9) to update the fields.