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Music BPM Changer

Hi there,

I am looking for a quality music BPM changer in the style of MP3Doctor Pro, not like a sound editing software like Audacity...

-Of corse, freeware would be a must ;)
-If it can also normalize, it would be an interesting addon but not required.

It must work simply setting the wanted BPM as a number, not a purcentage.

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Hi Rene

BPM = Tempo
Are you learning a musical instrument and playing along with tracks?

I answered a question along the same lines as this here:

NOT freeware, but perhaps you might be able to save up for the software I mentioned in the comments after the one that was accepted ;-)

I bet you are looking for a command line program to "convert" and save a copy with a different tempo?
Hmmm.  Whoops, I could have sworn that the software I suggested detected the BPM and allowed you to set a new one rather than just a % of the existing, but it would appear my memory is fading with age.

I will look again, because this is an interesting quest.


Thanks Bill ;)



After browsing arround your provided links, I did not find any apps that will change the BPM of an MP3 file, and by reference to a "number", not a %.


Rene, that's the stumbling block I've been having.  I just can't find anything that allows you to specify the BPM numerically. There are programs that will attempt to discover the BPM of an existing MP3, but I can't see any that allow you to set it and play back at the new BPM or re-encode and save with changed BPM.
I agree with BillDL,
From my above linked off a side page
this one
Save BPM values inside ID3 tags for MP3 files
used in combination with on the same page
this doesn't help>-Of corse, freeware would be a must
Hi Rene

I see from your new question:
that you are experimenting with Virtual DJ.  This is the area into which I have also been led in my quest to find a program to change the BPM.  Unfortunately it is an area that I am quite unfamiliar with.  I've only ever tinkered with an old version of Virtual DJ to see if it would allow me to slow down songs or transpose the pitch or something like that, but I'm sure it either didn't do what I was looking for or didn't do it as well as I needed.  I hope that you will find the solution with a "DJ" type program.

I finally got it by browsing again Merete's links in:

With Virtual DJ pro, there in a function called "Beat Lock".
-Let's say you have two decks, A and B.
-We put a music with the desired BPM on A, but don't play it.
-Set Beat Lock on B
-And play all in the B deck with Automix

This way, all I am going to play, will have the BPM of the music in A.  The only catch, is that some times, the BPM adjustment is done after the AutoMixt mixt. But I'm cool with this as it's just for casual ambiance, nothing pro.

I did not try to use Beat Lock with more than 2 decks so I can make my own mixes, but I'm happy with it for now.

Guys, if one day you find a music BPM changer that is not a sound editor like Adobe Audition, that works with a number not a purcentage, please let me know.

Thanks a bunch and cheers,


Thanks Merete and Bill.
Glad to help ReneGe
And if we do find one we'll post it to you


Thanks Merete. If I find one, I'll also post it here.

Thank you Rene.