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Monitoring Internet Traffic By Username

hobbit82 asked
We have a site using SBS 2003 that we are trying to monitor internet usage for one user as they are possibly using some concerning websites. We were going to do it at workstation level but they have no fixed workstation and have the use of about 50.

I wondered if there was an easy way to monitor internet usage for this user only - we could load ISA Server or similar but it seems a bit of an overkill for what potentially seems a simple task.

The server has 2 NIC's - one for internet and one for LAN access and the site is connected with gigabit unmanaged ethernet switches?

I am aware we could possibly do it by listening on one of the switch ports but guess there must be a simpler way?

Any help is greatfully appreciated.
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Is using something like SurfControl/WebSense on the ISA out of the question? That would be the easiest way, in my opinion.
I've not used it before but there's OpenDNS. There's a free version and I think it allows you to monitor which websites are being requested. You would just have to configure that one workstation for this and keep track of things on the OpenDNS site.



Thanks for the comments

agonzoao7: Looks good but the only problem is "We were going to do it at workstation level but they have no fixed workstation and have the use of about 50."

netcmh: Again, this looks good but could it be quite costly?
You'll have to come up with your own ROI calculations. It made sense to us - now a 1000+ users while we were a 360+ users group.

It does what it's intended to do and more. Reporting and granularity are a huge help. And it's easy to setup and configure.


There must be a simple solution or app out there that would do this via a proxy method?
In the end the way we got round this was to load GFI Web Monitor on a trial for 30 days for all users and retrieve the information we needed for the user for that period.


This was the only way we could achieve the outcome we wanted for free.