Office 2010 Local Archive folders are hidden

We upgraded a system from Office 2007 to Office 2010.  Now the Outlook Archives that were in there are missing several folders.  scanpst tool shows there should be 15 folders but upon viewing the archive we only see 4 folders. The most important folder (Inbox) is not visible. Taking a look at the archive size and the folder size shows that there is significant data that is not visible.
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Jon BrelieConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
try outlook.exe /resetnavpane
What is the detailed log of scanpst? Can't scanpst fix the problem and retrive the folders for you?

If scanpst does not work, and what Enphyniti suggests also does not work, then your PST file may be corrupt and you may choose a third-party tool to recover your missing folders. Below is a list of them:

Most of them provide a free demo so you can try first.
seanabAuthor Commented:
Yes, that restored some visibility of the folders but not all of them.
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