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Active Directory account locks after disconnecting from dock.

themaids asked
I have a user running Windows 7 Pro.  She has a dock that her laptop connects to at her desk.  The dock has a hard wire connection to it.  She also has a wireless connection on and active as well.  When she undocks her laptop it essentially switches from the wired to wireless connection.  However more often than not she gets disconnected from the network and is prompted for a password to login to Outlook.  She is also unable to get to her network drives, etc.  when she enters in her Outlook password to connect back in it will not take it.  Eventually after so many attempts she gets locked out and then we have to unlock it.  Then she is able to log into the network and work.

Help Please!
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Systems Engineer
Try unmapping all of her networked drives.  Reset her Windows password, have her login, remap her network drives again.

Turn off the wireless switch so it doesn't conflict with the LAN connection.  After all is said and done, can you report back and see if issues persist?


Seems to have worked.  Thanks!


Seems to have worked good.
Raymond PengSystems Engineer

Awesome, glad to hear all is well.