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Is there  a way to demo tablet OS's on a desktop?

Is there a way I can demo tablet OS's on my desktop PC?  I use Windows, Mac and Linux.  Thanks in advance.
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For Android, you can download and install the SDK http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

You can also install the Windows 8 Developers preview in a VM to try the Windows 8 (tablet oriented).

Windows 7 tablets, are pretty much just Windows 7 with a few tweaks, drivers and touch enabled monitors.

Apple, not much... maybe the SDK will let you see some of it, not sure as I stay as far away as possible from that Evil-sphere.


An alternative would be to use something like LogMeIn Rescue to connect to the device from a PC/Laptop and then show what's actually on the device itself? You could do this over a WiFi connection provided both can access the internet.

That way it's actually what you see rather than a simulator which may or may not be truly representative of the device?




These are all excellent.  Thank you!!!


@Rob, The problem is I don't have a tablet to do this with.  I've let myself get lazy and now I'm starting to see more usage of these devices so I'm working to stay abreast of everything.