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how do I extend the partition on server 2003r2.

I need to extend the partition. I have exended the array. now I need to extend the partition. how do I do that. Please help
Server is server 2003 r2 standard HP dl380 g5 running 300 GB sas drives.
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HP has a great program called "Storage Volume Growth" that allows you to extend the volumes on the fly, keeping it as one logical disk (not a logical disk with extensions).  Of course that costs $$

The other option is to go into Disk Management, and after you have rebooted Windows you should see the extra disk space in there as "unallocated".    Follow this article to extend your existing volume:

Jayachandran PalanisamyTechnical Consultant - Linux

Have a try with the followings.
1.At a command prompt, type diskpart
2.Type list volume to display the existing volumes on the computer
3.Type Select volume # where volume number is number of the volume that you want to extend.
4.Type extend to extend the partition the remaining free space



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Boot partition or additional data partition?
Same logical disk as boot/OS/swap as seen from OS  or seperate?
Crosing from sub-2TB to more than 2TB or not?

Without that info we won't know what tool to use.


Data partition
currently 600 gigs expanding to 1.2 TB
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Go to Windows Disk Management (right click on My Computer - Manage - Disk Management) and see if the free space block is adjacent to the partition you want to extend.
If yes then use DiskPart.exe to extend it.
Here are instructions