Disable cookie that remembers last page after login on WSS3.0 site with FBA access control


I have a website that is based on WSS with FBA access control.
I have some users that needs to switch between 2 logins.
WHen they log out and then log in with the other user ID. They are directed to the page they where on when they logged out with the other user. Resulting in an "Access Denied".

Where in IIS/WSS do I setup that the cookie or cache should be deleted upon logoff?

Server is 2003R2 SP2
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abhitrigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The last page is actually attached to the URL using the ReturnURL query string.

Ask your users to "log out" (which will close their tab/window) instead of "Sign is as different user" (which will track their last used page.

Best option will be to ask the users to create a shortcut to the login page or the other pages that they need to get to and then ask them to logout and then login again by clicking the shortcut

If you can go the programmatic way, you have more options like creating a landing page and then deciding on login, where to take the users to. You will have to customize the login page for this.
GrodelAuthor Commented:
Thats it!! Thanks a lot!
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