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replace fan on IBM RS6000 server

mrmyth asked
I need to replace the fan on my RS6000 server. It has these four rubber feet that stick out of the back that seem to have something to do with holding it in place. What is the best way to take this fan out?
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found it

You have to push the rubber shock mounts through with a small screw driver or a pen while pulling the fan out.

Here's from the manual
Rear Fan Removal
1. Shut down the system unit as described in “System Unit Shutdown” on page 207.
2. Unplug the power cable.
3. Remove the left side cover as described in “Left Side Cover Removal” on page 208.
4. Remove the cover support bridge as described in “Cover Support Bridge Removal”
on page 216.
5. Disconnect the fan cable from the connector (J34) on the system board. See
“System Board Component Locations” on page 3.
Power Supply Test Switch
246 44P Model 170 Service Guide
6. Pull on the fan from inside while pushing on the rubber shock mounts from outside
the system unit. Use a small screwdriver or ball-point pen to help push the shock
mounts through to the inside of the system unit. Work on one shock mount at a
7. Gently pull the rear fan out of the system unit.
Rear Fan
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Be careful doing it though.  Once these beasties have been in place for a year or two the rubber is more likely to snap as you pull it into position to get it through the holes in the case.


I found the solution on my own.