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New laptop Windows 7 Home and Prof

wball1217 asked

I would like to buy a new laptop and have it duel boot with Windows Home Premium and Windows 7 Prof.

Any ideas and how to make that work?
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Please check if this article helps you:


The biggest rules to follow:

1) Always install the oldest version of the OS you want to dual boot with first

2) Windows doesn't like to play nice on the same partition as an existing windows partition. You should either partition your drive into two or more logical drives and install windows there, or install a 2nd hard drive and install windows on the 2nd drive.
Forgot to mention: as this is a laptop it's not very likely that you can/will install a 2nd drive, and windows probably came pre loaded on the machine without a backup disk.

Consider taking an image of the drive using a program like ghost or acronis, and then when you put the image back onto the computer reduce the size of the windows installation. This will give you room to partition your drive for your installation of windows 7 pro
Personally, I would not dual boot a system.  I would simply install Win7 Pro and MS Virtual PC (or Virtualbox), and just install the other version as a virtual.   This worked perfect for me.   I had a dual boot machine a few years back and figured that I booted into the second OS once in 6 months. And it used up a chunk of HDD space for no reason.

With Virtualbox/Virtual PC, you can have as many installs as you want, including linux.   I currently have an Ubuntu laptop with Virtualbox installed and run Win7Pro from a virtual.  With this HP nc6400 (a fairly flawed system design) I have no issues running this as a Win7 machine in full screen mode.

There are a lot of options and you can try them all; if you change your mind, you can go ahead and install that second OS.

My only advice is to install the OS that will use most graphic resources as your host.  This way if you are thinking of using your system as a Media Center, you can have all your resources available for the graphic processing.


Good luck!