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usign db link to query  remote database and create  a view

maverickxx asked
I have to create a view  which pulls data from  multiple remote databases . I have the logic for queries for each of the  databases. I need to combine the( basically union) the results of the query to create  a view

Pseudo code is below

query1 - remote Database1 (RDB1)
 select a,b,c from  x ,  y,  z where < lot of conditions>...

 Query2  : Remote database :RDB2

Select a,b , c from  P, q,r,s,t where  <  various conditions>

Query3  Remotedata base 3: RDB3

Select  a, b , c  from  D,E,F,G,H,I where < conditions>

I need a create a  view in local database ( let us call it LDB)  which basically unions three queries   mentioned above and creates a view.

Assuming thee database links are  created  say dl1, dl2, dl3  how do I do this?

THanks in advance

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create database link rdb1L   (..)  using 'RDB1'
create database link rdb2L   (..)  using 'RDB2'
create database link rdb3L   (..)  using 'RDB3'

SELECT  a,b,c from x@rdb1L, y@rdb1L , z@rdb1L where ...
SELECT a,b,c, from p@rdb2L, ...  etc

create view v_rdb1 as  (qyery1)  at rdb1
create view v_rdb2 as  (qyery2)  at rdb2
create view v_rdb3 as  (qyery3)  at rdb3

select * from v_rdb1@rdb1L
select * from v_rdb2@rdb2L
select * from v_rdb3@rdb3L

1) there is a maximum of open database links in 1 session (i don't know exact
2) depending on the data it might be interesting to hint oracle to use another then the current database as driving database (DRIVING SITE hint)
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You realize that if one of the databases is down the view will fail.

Have you thought of local Materialized Views from the remote databases the create a view based on them?


Thnaks flow