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Can Mac workstations/server co-exist with Windows servers

We operate a private MPLS network that seven different schools are apart of. All seven schools point back to a central location and from this central location access to the Internet is established.

We have an eighth school that is going to join this network. Currenly this eighth school is a MAC environment. All computers are MAC and the server is a MAC. When this MAC school joins our network, its server will have to point to the Windows DNS server to allow these MAC computers to have access to the internet.

Do you know of any issues that will prevent these two different environments from co-existing or should all be OK here?

Are there any considerations/concerns to be aware of here?

Thanks for your input.

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There should be no problems co-existing. I have Macs and Windows PCs on my home network and have no major problems. Occasionally I'll have some file-sharing related problems, but those are few and far between. I have a Windows server providing DNS and DHCP for my Macs and haven't had a problem. I also have my Macs joined to my Windows domain to provide authentication across all my computers. I even ran OS X Server for a little while just to play around with it and had no issues on my network.

None of your computers are going to care if the server they are getting their DNS lookups from is a Mac or a Windows box (or a linux or unix box either).

Hope this helps.
You shouldn't have any issues, only thing to watch out for is mac clients do not dynamically update their dns records, so you may have to play with dns scavenging to keep dns tidy.

We have 1100 mac clients, and 30-something servers half windows and half mac.
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Thanks for your input