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How do I fix Word 2007 files that open with strange formatting for one user but not all users?

DahliaLady asked
I have one user that when she opens some Word files, in two specific folders, the formatting is all wrong. However when I or another use with the same platform opens the files we have no formatting issues. We are using Windows 7 32-bit with Office 2007. And other files give none of us problems.
I've tried repairing Office on the "problem" user's PC and also tried repairing one of the files. Nothing has changed. Short of removing and installing Office are there any suggestions on how to fix this?
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You might try doing a search normal.dotm under the user profile (With Word closed). Copy the located file as a precaution and then delete it.
The next time Word is launched it will create a new normal.dotm
I would give that a try first.
To enable hidden files and folders:
Tools > Folder Options > View) to show hidden folders and files

More info on normal.dotm can be found here.


Thanks. I'll give that a try first thing in the morning.. While I was driving home I remembered the user has the default set up with 10pt spacing for the paragraph; not sure why it would affect some and not others. I'll let you know what I find out tomorrow.


I was able to fix the problem by changing the default paragraph style. I did make a backup copy of the normal.dotm to be safe. If the user still experiences any issues I'll delete the template and let Word recreate it.
Thank you for your help!
You're welcome and I'm glad you're up and running. :-)