Powerconnect 6248 Switch

I have a 6248 Powereconnect switch.  I want ot be able to identify the ip address of the device at the other end of the port.  I would like to find them all out at once so that I don't have to check each port individually.  Any ideas on how to do this from either the CLI or web management interface?
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when you assign an IP address to a switch, you assign it to the whole switch.  if you're looking to find what attached to each port, just look at the ARP table.  the CLi command is "show aro"
santacruzjtAuthor Commented:
that worked however it gave me an IP address to  MAC address on interface VLAN "xx""  instead of the switch port number.  we have three vlans on our switch and VLAN 1 encompasses 40 ports and then the other two incorporate 4 ports repecticvely.  What I need then is a way to dig into the vlans to find which port interface goes to which specific Ipaddress?
that should be in the arp table as well.  did you find it in the GUI
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
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