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Update Java via active directory

Reyesrj asked
We have close to 500 workstations in our domain.  Users do not have admin rights to install Java update so my coworkers and I (IT admins) need to go to each PC and run the updates.  We only run the updates when we get a chance.  Is there a way to deploy the Java updates via active directory?  Or, maybe a script of some kind?
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Yes, and it is pretty easy to configure. Starting point:  http://halfloaded.com/blog/installing-java-via-script-and-group-policy/

More than a how-to configure it, I have some "Problems you may run into."

1. You need to be aware of computers out there that may not want the update... We had three workstations/employees that used a Wells Fargo we website to pull down check scans.  Those websites would not work if a new update of Java was installed.  Which is ridiculous, but those computers had to be removed from the upgrade group.
2. Secondly, the removal of Java to troubleshoot the above issue was terrible.  Uninstall worked, but installing the correct (old) version did not go as planned.
3. Pushing out over VPN dragged on our bandwidth.

In our test environment, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager was great at pushing out the update, but we didn't end up using that software in production.  We are currently testing MS System Center Configuration Manager which will be the best option in the long run.

Good luck!


Thanks for the warning.  I know what you are talking about.  I ran into this issue with adobe reader.  The newer version would not work when downloading from a pdf from a certin site.

Thanks Again.