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Excel for Mac 2011: Removing Duplicates

Cactus1993 asked
I have attached a small subset of a 26,000 member contact list. (Don't worry, I've modified each record enough to thoroughly protect the privacy of each original contact.)

I want to remove the entire row, for any email address that is identical to another. In other words, I don't want to send two emails to the same person, even if their address or other information are different.

The contact information is listed in rows. The rows are not all identical -- for example, someone may have the same email address, but have a different street, city, or state address.

Whenever two identical emails appear in the list, I want to remove the entire row of information containing one of them, and it doesn't matter which row it is.

Hope this is doable ... by a macro, add-in, sort/filter function, or something else ... I can't imagine manually going through this entire list removing the hundreds of duplicates, and I can't figure out how to automatically do it.

Thanks! EE-DUP-ELIM.xlsx
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On the ribbon go to the Data tab. In the Data Tools group there is a Remove Duplicates option.
Click in any cell that has the data, then click the Remove Duplicates button.
A popup will appear with all columns selected. Deselect them all and only select the Email column.
Click OK and the process will keep the first entry and remove the entire row of any duplicates.
It will also display a message of how many it removed and how many unique values remain.