Two Different Internet Connection Settings required daily

Dear Experts

In my Laptop, daily I need to switch the LAN settings in ' Configure Proxies to Access the Internet '
with below two options.
No Proxy
Manual Proxy Configuration
At home, I required to go on a) No Proxy and at office b) Manual proxy configuration.
Can someone please suggest what is the best setting to keep in so I do not need go in there and change settings.
As one option , I use one browser at home and one at office. so far I can think of doing that way but sometime I may required specific browser at either place.
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAsked:
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
This app is for you (hopefully):

Good luck!

There is possibility that you set a Proxy settings for example in IE and choose No Proxy in Firefox settings.

Why don't you try this option.

Kris MontgomeryCommented:
I think he does does do just that, but would like to have the option of either browser at either location.

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What about an Addon? Once you configure it you just have to worry about toggling an on/off button.
I've used one called Foxy Proxy for Firefox. Looks like it supports Internet Explorer and Chrome now.
Here is a link as well as a IE specific addon I used in the passed that was ok.

Foxy Proxy

Internet Explorer Quick Proxy Changer

Multiple Profiles?
Maybe you can get away with multiple profiles however I'm not aware of anyway to do this in Internet Explorer.
Firefox: (site was down when I looked)

Internet Explorer: N/A

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi Muganthony

Proxy Changer V2  is only working for IE but not for Firefox. I think it would b easy for me to put one solution for all browser.

Hi Soulnero
I  think from your suggestion, I think we still required separate settings for each browser.Anyway  I will look to configure and see if that  helps me.

you don't need add-ons or any other software to what you need.

Create a file on your local disk, (like in c:\windows) called PROXY.PAC
edit the file and put this in:
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
return "PROXY";
return "DIRECT";
you should change this script for your own needs. first IP is your subnet IP (ending with a 0) and the second your subnet mask. The third is your proxy IP.

- In IE go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan settings
- Check Use automatic configuration script
- type this on that field:
(if you use netscape type this instead: file:///c|/windows/proxy.pac)

There is also another way if you have to do it on many computers and if you have a server with DHCP. You can create a WPAD entry in your DHCP server.
Check out how:
Forgot about proxy auto config!

If you want an app, you can use Proxy Switcher, a simple lightweight tray icon.

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Rob MinersCommented:
Have you condiderd using the Alternate Configuration feature for multiple network connectivity in Windows? The instructions are for XP but it is available in Vista and Windows 7.

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi Settleman

So you mean, once I come to office I edit the Proxy.pac file and changed all the IPs and I do same when I go back. The IPs would be based on DHCP.

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi rrjMino

In the alternate config. tab, It asking to put  IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway,  Preferred DNS server,  Alternate DNS server, Preferred DNS server,  Preferred WINS server, Alternate WINS server.

This is I am doing for Wireless connection, because I use wireless most of the time at home.
Under Wireless connection properties, I found  (TCP/IPv6) and (TCP/IPV4) and I only see 'Alternatate config' tab option in IV4.

Rob MinersCommented:
Most connections would be made through TCP/IPV4 so you could set one up for FireFox and the other for IE.

At work you may have to use DHCP but at home you could set a static IP address as the alternate connection. Your modem documentation should be able to tell you how to achieve it.

Typing ipconfig /all at a cmd prompt will give you your home connection information.
no, if you set this up like i mentioned, it will work everywhere without doing anything.

there is only one thing.

If your home IP is in the same subnet as your work IP it wont work, because the script wont tell the difference.

you can solve that by changing your home subnet to another subnet.

So, in both places you cant have the same range of IP's.

what is your work place subnet and your home subnet?
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi SOulhero

U r hero really. ur given solution as proxyswitcher as app worked like as charm.
Just simply right tray icon and it does automatically samething what I used to do everytime going in IE and Firefox settings. it only disable and enable settings for me.
This Is what I was looking. Excellent

ANd Thanks everybody , everyones solutions was partially or little bit work involved but I would like to chose Soulhero suggest as complete solutions
But I thanks everyone for putting thier suggestions .
M Khan
I guess this is why computers have problems... it's just another app. it's just another utility... I'm sure my computer can handle it. It's just another app eating cpu cycles and a little bit more ram... I really don't understand you guys! Presented a perfect "set it and forget it" solution that needs no app or utility or whatever, and IS 100% automatic, you would go to the one that uses the most cpu and ram, and that was coded from an unknown source and you have no idea what is doing in the background, and IS manual!!! What do you call that?? :)

baaahhh this was just a bad day!
I just hope my solution can help other people.
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