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Cannot change font colour in some Office 2003 SBE apps

I have recently installed a new Windows 7 workstation for a client, and reinstalled her copy of Office 2003 SBE. In Word there are no issues, but in Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint I am unable to change font colours in new documents. I have researched the issue but with no luck. Can someone please shed some light in this issue? I have fully uninstalled and reinstalled Office, with no success.
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Make sure your office has the latest updates from windows all SP. and if this is there then try to do a repair on the officee package in the add/remove program.


Have done that numerous times, no change!
can you post a sample workbook or file ?
CEO PowerPoint Alchemy
Try this:

Windows Control panel > Accessability /Ease of Access

Display Tab

Is High Contrst ticked?
If so untick and restart.