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In Win7 Task Manager, why does the Network Utilization always show around 1% ?

Hi Experts,

I needed to use a brand new Dell PC (with GB nic)  to download a big file from our own remote facility site. I was surprise to find out that on Task Manager the Network Utilization chart is always around 1%. I really expect it be higher since it was off-hour. Can someone help understand this?

The between site-to-site is with a 3M T1 connection. The local client to server uses a wired 100 BasedT cable.

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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Well IF your download was utilising the FULL 3M of your connection that would only be 3% of your cards 100M connection. As you can imagine, your download will not saturate the link and there is other network traffic and overhead so I would not expect to see much more than 1%


Ok, it is acceptable.

So, the utilization percentage is based on the ACTUAL connection speed at the time of downloading -- not on the nic (1,000) on the pc, nor the cable (100) ?
Technical Development Lead
It is based on the NIC speed.  So your 3M link is in effect a very small percentage of your local area NIC speed hence the ~1%