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Storage of MS Exchange mail-box archives on a network share.

garychu asked
As far as I know, it has been established that storing and accessing archived mail-boxes as individual PST files on a network share can lead to problems. Particularly on a busy network.

Question is, if we do not do that, what would be a good practical alternative.
The alternative will have to allow for easy access by users and centralised backups.

Thanks, Experts.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

What version of Exchange have you?
Neilsr's question is best, but if you have Exchange 2010, you can increase the size of the mailboxes. You can also keep the PST files on the local HDD (instruct users to backup every so often), but sensitive material should be left on the server and backed up thru the enterprise backup software.
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

if you have 2010 and enterprise cals you can use the built in archiving of exchange. No need for .pst files at all


Presently, the version in use is Exchange 2003 SP2, as part of Win2003 SBS Std.
All these time, archiving has been to local hard disks of users. Access for owner-users no problem.
But regular backup relies on the users. Access by non-owner users sometimes required which necessitate intermediate copy and transfer to the non-owner users.

Now planning to upgrade to Win2011 SBS Std which includes Exchange 2010.
I have not known about the built-in archiving which should allow for central storage.
Could you please suggest some links to resources explaining this new functionality.
Thanks in the meantime.


I have since found out that the Archived Mailbox feature of Exchange 2010 is only available to Outlook 2010 clients and requiring an Enterprise license.
Since both of these conditions could not be readily met in my case, is there a third party archiving alternative that I can consider?
Technical Development Lead
There are lots of 3rd party products yes.

Pprobably the 2 best known
You may also consider a service such as Reflexion and their RADAR feature.


Thanks for the help.