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SBS 2011 to Server 2003 Standard trust for AD Migration - Any possible way

I'm looking for a short, tricky or not so tricky way to temporarily setup a forest to forest trust from a 2003 Standards server to a SBS2011 server.

Scenario in short is - Existing Exchange server 6.5 running on 2003 Server.
2003 Server is Standard 32-bit - GC/DC/FSMO roles - Single server
I need a one way trust to do a AD migration INTO the SBS 2011 server and I'll edit the MSCreationState attribute after.

Any possible way or am I just whistling dixie ?

I don't care about Swing kits or the SBS Transition packs here, just looking to pull the AD user accounts only.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

When you say "Pull the AD user accounts" what info do you want? Could you not just use a powershell script to create new users based on whats in the other AD?
Solutions Architect
The very reason the Swing kits and the Transition Packs exist are because Forest-to-Forest trusts are forbidden in SBS. Period.


Ok...has anyone ever attempted to stop the SBSCore service in a 2011 SBS Server like you could in 2003 SBS?

In 2003 once stopped it pretty effectively undoes the SBS server limitations on the box, licensing isn't enforced and I don't belive the FSMO roles are enforced after either.

So that's my silly pipe dream here.  Kill the SBSCore (or equivalent service), use the AD migration Tool to import my small number of accounts, renable the SBCore services and proceed to stamp the SBCreationState attribute.
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

We can not advise on ANYTHING that breaks the license. You would in effect be breaking the law.
jrhelgesonSolutions Architect
That's the only way I could think of doing it, but for obvious reasons I could not make that recommendation to you... I tried that once in this forum and got my question deleted and was taken on a  trip out to the woodshed.

I just about got stripped of my rank and gave me a dishonorable discharge.


Did it the hard way, new domain, new server, export PST.
Create new user, use SBS wizard to migrate old profile, import old mail from PST.
Test Exchange.