Recording of Elluminate Live session

I can view some tutorials, webinars etc. which is using Elluminate Live as presentation tool. To be able to use them you have to have access to the Internet.

Some time in the near future I will not have access to Internet for a period, so I wondered if I could record some of these presentations, store them as video-files and later be able to view these video-files without having access to the Internet.

I'm using Ubuntu Linux version 11.10 (or 11.04), and I have tried using gtk-recordmydesktop. It works, but the sound is very low and full of noise. The sound source is "pcm" (using alsamixer).
Maybe VLC Media Player is a better solution ?  

Basically I want to record both the screen and sound shown on my desktop when I run Elluminate Live.

Any advice on this will be appreciated.

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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Have you tried Istanbul?

Good luck!
The best method to publish Elluminate Live! recorded sessions is to use Elluminate Publish!.  Here's a link:!/?id=80/

What you haven't told us is whether or not you have moderator privileges in Elluminate or are just a participant.  If you are a participant, then I would assume that you want to record the session as it streams.  Generally, solutions like I have given you (above) are for moderators who want to publish their own recordings.  If you are just viewing recorded (or live) sessions and want to capture them, I don't know of any solutions, as Elluminate sessions are streamed into a Java app and are not typical media files.

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toyboy61Author Commented:
profgeek: I'm not a moderator in Elluminate, only a participant.. :-)
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Your best bet would be to find out if whoever is the moderator can create video files for you.  If you are not the moderator, I don't know of a way to capture Elluminate sessions, as they are streamed into a proprietary java app for playback.
toyboy61Author Commented:
mugathony: When I do a playback with EL (Elluminate Live) everything is perfect but when I try to capture it with i.e. Istanbul I get the screen picture OK while the sound is very weak and with lot of disturbing noise. I wonder if removing PulseAudio will do anything to this.. (?)

profgeek: Istanbul (and other screen recording software) works very well, despite the fact that Elluminate Live are streamed into a proprietary java app for playback.
They are probably capturing the sound and video using the "analog hole" (on their way to the speaker and monitor).  That means they are positioning themselves between the java program and the audio and video outputs.
toyboy61Author Commented:
The tool/program I was looking for was Elluminate Publish! This is a commercial product, and I wonder if anyone knows if there is a free/open-source replacement which does the same job.
I'm trying out Elluminate Publish! with a 30-day trial license right now..
As I mentioned earlier, Elluminate Publish! is the best solution.  However, I have only used it as the moderator, with control over the recordings I have made.  In that situation, Publish works great, exporting the recording into a variety of formats, which I can then make available to students by posting links to them on my web page.  However, I'd be interested to know how it works for you from the student perspective.

I don't know of any free solutions that are equivalent, since Elluminate (now Blackboard Collaborate) is so proprietary in its setup.  
toyboy61Author Commented:
Elluminate Publish! works great for me (in this case "the student"). I only need to access the URL to the Elluminate Live! recording and then I put it into Elluminate Publish!. The program makes the rest of the work for me.  :-))

Do you by any means knows what I have to pay for a single-user license of Elluminate Publish! ?
I have tried to find out on their homepage, but I have not succeeded so far.

They have always been very tight-lipped about pricing.  If you email them, they should respond.  Just tell them you're a student and what you are doing.  They might have a student price.  The version I use is included with our campus license, so I have no idea what the price is.
toyboy61Author Commented:
I'm not a student as such. I work as an IT-consultant, mainly with security. To keep me updated I frequently use webcasts from i.e. SANS Institute. They use Elluminate Live!.. :-)
OK.  Let us know if you get a price quote, as I'd be interested to know what it is.
toyboy61Author Commented:
Here's the answer I got from Blackboard Collaborate by Clare L. Bale:
"Many thanks for providing me with this information about your organization  the annual cost of Blackboard Collaborate Publish (formerly Elluminate)license is $125.".

I plan to buy this license for my company (I'm self-employed) for 2012. First I thought this was a one-time license (as for other software products), but not in this case... :-((

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