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Online Backup - Small Business

defrey asked
I am looking up for a online backup solution for a small business

I came across site like:


Would you have any advice or recommendation about choosing an online backup solution?

Thank you
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Are these for servers or end user computers?   How many?

When I did research (months and months) for our company, I found out quickly that "the best" was very relative to what the service providers offered.

If these are servers that you are going to manage yourself then you can use the Amazon cloud and http://www.cloudberrylab.com/.

If these are endpoints that you won't be touching yourself, then one of those services in your link would suffice.

If there is a server, then setup fBackup (http://www.fbackup.com) on each endpoint to backup nightly to the server, and then pay for a single unlimited license like Backblaze (http://www.backblaze.com/) and backup from there.  This will create a more robust solution anyway.  You could also use a low cost onsite NAS device at your location to backup too instead of a server if need be.

There are so many variables.

Good luck!
madunixChief Information Officer (CIO)
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My list
http://www.back2web.de Back2web
http://www.continum.net Continum Online Backup
http://www.dogado.de dogado Online Backup
http://www.elabs.de Elabs HighSecurity-Backup
http://www.geotek.de GEOTEK Online Internet Backup
http://www.globaldataprotect.com GlobalDataProtect
http://www.reback.de ReBack Remote Backup Services
http://www.netzhaus.ag Netzhaus Backup as a Service
http://www.space.net SpaceNet Online Backup
http://hosting.verio.de VERIO SteadyBackup
http://www.webattachedbackup.de WebAttachedBackup
http://www.interxion.de Interxion Secure Data Service
http://www.backupmotion.com BackUP Motion Professional
http://www.arcplace.ch Arcplace Online Backup Service
http://www.swisscom.ch Swisscom Online Backup Service
https://mozy.com/  mozy service
https://spideroak.com/ spider
http://owncloud.org/ owncloud
http://aws.amazon.com/s3//185-2512449-0426061/ amazon


For online backup services make sure the service provider has multiple OS support, they encrypt file contents + file names, and do true versioned backups.

Well, i dont think you need to look any further after this link :)
madunixChief Information Officer (CIO)
Most Valuable Expert 2019

I still prefer to check out the several products (trail, beta) to find out the best for your needs, since all the stuff out there are always skewed towards the vendor sponsoring the person making the comparison.

yes, i agree, most of the services are giving out 5gb for free, try that and if it suits your needs, so for that solution :)