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Automate achriving of files after a period

Snappa2000 asked
We have a folder structure as follows


There is a number of CustomerXX’s and within these folder are a number of files and a handful of folders.

Problem we have is under the ABC folder for each CustomerXX there are a large number of CMP files that are used for processing, and the longer you leave it the slower things get.  I have looked at automated things, but thought I’d ask the experts to avoid wasting any more time.  The system runs on a Windows Server platform if that helps.

The end result is to Archive off the ABC files that are older than a determined timeframe (2 Months let’s say) and place it under a CustomerXX\ABC\Archive folder or folders?  I am open to suggestions to.


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To address what you want to do, I would write a script to zip the files and move them off. Then automate the process by putting that script under a scheduled task.

Something like this might help:

I'm really wondering what is going on though... the above seems like a band-aid fix, you may want to look into this a little deeper. Maybe run a defrag, or get some faster disks...